Nursery styling ideas: monochrome

February 01, 2016 Hazel Morris

One of my favourite styles of decor for little people's rooms at the moment is the monochrome trend. The minimalist black and white nursery interior has a distinctly Scandinavian feel and is a very 'grown up' way to style your baby or child's bedroom if you are not into pink and fairies or blue and dinosaurs! 

A crisp brilliant white wall is a perfect backdrop to display black and grey, with the added bonus that newborn and small babies will be able to focus on the contrast in colours. If you aren't so keen on decorating with stark white paint, a softer shade of grey will give you the same effect but with a warmer feel. I love 'skimming stone' by Farrow and Ball. I used this to decorate Teddy's nursery and it is a lovely warm grey that looks really crisp and fresh when teamed with white accessories. 

Room Tour @Oh.Eight.Oh.Nine — mini style:

Paint on wall is F Skimming Stone - possible for the Orangery/Kitchen:


Storage is super important when designing your nursery space, I'm sure the toys multiply daily! Wicker storage and baskets will never go out of style, but to really bring your space up to date I am loving the fab selection of wire storage available at the moment. You can never have too many baskets, shelves and drawers in a nursery in my opinion. These copper baskets from John Lewis would make brilliant under-cot drawers or a super stylish nappy store to keep on your changing table. I am also loving the wire rack shelving, which is a great way to display books and toys (the ones you want on display!) I found this on

Buy John Lewis Fusion Antique Copper Wire Basket Online at<strong>Gallery</strong> Langton Wire Double Storage Rack

I don't know about you, but I couldn't believe how difficult it was to find plain white cot bedding. After trying all the usual high street stores in vain (EVERYTHING was patterned! )           I eventually managed to find a lovely quality Egyptian cotton bedding set on Amazon, for a bargainous £9.95, it's lovely and crisp feeling and has washed beautifully so far. 

rocking cot.:




Another must have in a Scandinavian style monochrome nursery is a lambskin. They really cosy up a chair or sofa, and add great texture to your design, but for now Teddy is using his as a super soft mattress topper.

Organic fabrics like wool are brilliant for babies, as not only are they completely hypoallergenic (meaning they are an essential item for babies prone to asthma, eczema or allergies) but they are so gorgeously soft and are a great temperature regulator. Even in the hot summer months natural materials such as lambskin will ensure your baby won't overheat. I bought Teddy's lambskin from JojoMamanBebe for £49 before he was born and he has always slept on it, apart from when we've been on holiday. It may be a coincidence but I have always found that he sleeps much more soundly when he is laying on top of his lambskin and he seems happier too, some cot mattresses can be really hard and uncomfortable feeling. He loves his lambskin so much I always try and remember to pack it if we are staying away for the night, he finds it a real comfort when he isn't in his own bed.

I also invested in wool bedding for him, for the same reasons. We have wool bedding because it is lovely and warm, and also hypoallergenic. I bought his (and ours) from The Wool Room and they both come highly recommended, not least because they are washable, a must with babies and children! The cot bed duvet is reduced to £27.99 at the moment too which is a really good price for a completely natural product.

 lambskin, wool bedding and egyptian cotton

Now I am a big fan of cushions and nursery accessories (naturally!) I love this panda cushion by Jane Foster, and it looks fab teamed up with my handmade panda garland

White bunny hanging garland, neutral nursery decor, three hanging bunniesChambre enfant blanche minimaliste, des pois au mur | White Minimalist kid's Bedroom, polka dots:

Just how cute is this spotty wallpaper!? It makes a fab and fun focal point in a monochrome nursery, I am a big fan. You could also use this as a neutral backdrop for more colourful accessories if you don't want to go completely black and white (It could be difficult to try and colour co-ordinate the toys too!) A splash of colour such as teal or yellow would add a nice contemporary touch.

teenage bedroom via AMM blog.:

Using a nice and simple neutral base such as black and white for a child's bedroom allows you to make changes as they grow, changing pictures and accessories to bring it up to date. I love this look as it's not at all childish, in fact I'd quite like my bedroom to look like this! 

I would love to see any pics of your baby or child's room, particularly black and white nurseries. 



Hazel x



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  • Jen

    Feb 02, 2016

    Lovely article! Great tip about wool bed linen and lambs skin and I really like the monochrome nursery idea – especially for baby boys!

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