About Me

I'm Hazel, I design and make everything you will find on this website. I've always had a passion for amazing design and a love of all things luxury. 
I studied Spanish at University in Southampton, lived in Barcelona for a while, and eventually settled in London, working as a fashion Buyer for a High Street retailer. I've always been able to spot and develop trends relevant for different markets, and my role was very much product development focussed.

In the past I travelled the world in search of inspiration, materials and trims to create a range. I was regularly to be found in materials markets, far flung factories and trade fairs. Whilst commerciality was always at the forefront of my mind (and certainly that of the bosses) I couldn't help but long for a time where I could develop products without sacrificing quality for product margins.

Inspired by my son, born in 2014, more time at home meant my interest in interiors and crafts developed and I decided to make a felt mobile for a pregnant friend. Feeling pretty pleased with myself about how nicely it turned out, I made a few other bits with the leftover felt and friends and family started suggesting I should sell them. So that is exactly what I did! I now use my skills to design and make cute and quirky nursery decorations (without restricting myself on quality, product margin or time!)

I love well-made and beautifully designed products and I aim to use the best materials and create really special things to be cherished.

The world we live in now has become all about fast paced, mass produced and disposable products. The ethos of The Secret Craft House is to oppose the trend for run of the mill and generic homewares. I believe there will always be a place for handmade and 'one of a kind' products. Each and every item is handcrafted by me, and can be customised or adapted for you. I'd like to think my items will be put in baby keepsake boxes and treasured for many years to come.

Please send me a message on info@secretcrafthouse.com with any queries.

Thank you for visiting my shop.
Hazel x